Boom Boom Boom

January 22, 2006 at 3:03 pm Leave a comment

(Don’t ask me what the title is all about, I hadn’t had any coffee yet, so shhhhh)

In 10 minutes this morning I solved almost every issue I had with my template that had previously stumped me the entire day/night yesterday. I tried over and over to find what was making my margins overflow and cutting off my side bar text, or better yet, making my sidebar non-existent. But for all I tried, nothing seemed to help.

This morning I woke up and diligently stared at the stylesheet for a few minutes, and all of a sudden I knew just what to adjust – so I changed a few numbers, published it, and walla!

I must have been getting in my own way yesterday. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Overall, I’m happy with it, there’s still a few bugs to work out (like why my pic on top flickers when you run the mouse over it) but all in all, I don’t have many complaints..and I’m picky!

Anyway, my Saturday night was beyond exciting, sitting at my desk, troubleshooting the page code- going out to the club/bar or hanging with friends is wayyy overrated. Well…at least my night was cheaper!?! Ok, we all know better, but I could think of worst nights. *desperately trying to make myself feel better, heh.

Coffee, coffee, coffee – need it – going to get it -more later!

PS – About to drink my coffee, and seeing “blog successfully published” – it was such a sweet moment, I had to take a pic 🙂


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Slacker Mr. Evil returns…

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