Mighty Lemon Drop

February 1, 2007 at 12:14 am 8 comments

I should have known better than to put a date down…

Now it’s the 14th – so hopefully he’ll be my Valentines Day present! Or me his.. πŸ˜‰

One of the first lessons I ever learned about the Army was that they don’t “do” schedules; or they stick to them very loosely. Things happen and there’s a lot of things that can alter situations that one thinks are in “stone.”

Anyway, it’s all good because I went out today and got the necessary ingredients to get this drink I saw them make on the Food Network a few days ago. Lately I’ve become a Food Network WHORE …half the time when I get a minute to sit down and watch something on TV, there’s SHIT on, and so I end up watching people cook & eat shit/stuff/food – it’s better than eating it all myself right? Half the time what they cook is WACK but it’s still fun to watch. I’ve picked up a few recipes along the way and one of them is the “Mighty Lemon Drop”, which is an alcoholic drink that actually does taste a lot like a Lemon Drop.

I went to the Class Six (what us military folk call a liquor store on post) today and got all the yummy stuff to make it and these cute little martini glasses that only cost $4. Mainly because I want to mix one up for Andrew when he gets home, cause he loves all things lemon. Or at least I told myself that, ha! Of course, I had to try it out! And it is certifiably YUMMY.

Blogging while sipping on my “Mighty Lemon Drop”…can’t beat it really…

It’s so nice I had to take pics of my beautiful concoction. πŸ™‚


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  • 1. The Jayhawk Family!!  |  February 1, 2007 at 3:10 am

    You are to funny!!! Keep the fingers crossed and we are doing the same for you all!! Love ya sis!!

  • 2. thethinker  |  February 1, 2007 at 3:11 am

    I may not (legally) be able to drink that, but it does sound good. (Lemon/anything citrus flavored = yummy).

  • 3. Andrew  |  February 1, 2007 at 4:13 am

    Just a little trivia info for ya; the Class VI derives its name from the Army supply system, where supplies are put into categories based on type, importance, and priority. The name isn’t just some catchy little jingle that some staffer came up with. For example, Class I is obviously food and water. Class II is uniforms and individual use equipment, III is fuel and petrolium products, to name a few. Class VI is technically personal need/want items (to include alchohol that is ALWAYS prohibited even though it would be loads of fun{probably why it is prohibited}), and amazingly enough Class VIII is medical. It is a system that has been around awhile, and on the battlefield, Class VI items don’t even come via the government, but from mom and dad and the like and the med supplies are definitley important regardless of the order of things. A little joke; when you hear someone say’ “Gotta go do a Class I download”, they are saying that they need to go to the latrine (bathroom), usually for a number II. Anyway, just thought I would go there.

  • 4. Chaney  |  February 1, 2007 at 4:56 am

    Ok, now that last part Andrew felt obligated to share was a little more than I needed to know! The rest was very informative and interesting though.

    Those glasses are AWESOME! Too cool. I’m going to have to check out the recipe if I can find it. Sounds really good!

    By the way, I NEED to find the juice stuff you were talking about a few posts ago. I’m going to check at Sam’s here, we’ll see what I can find. I’m still looking for the damn tea. I have ONE MORE store someone mentioned checking before I paypal you some $$$ so I can have more! I shared some of it with my stepmom and am kicking myself for such a good deed! EEEEE!!!! Now I’m on the hunt for the tea AND the juice. Must you continue this torture of sharing the WONDERFUL things you find? It only costs Damon more money! Have you no mercy?! πŸ˜‰

  • 5. Glenda  |  February 1, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Andrew- Where in the hell did that comment come from? Weirdo πŸ˜‰ You’re always throwing shit in from left field..maybe it has something to do with being left handed? hehe

    Chaney – Hey, just let me know if you want me to pick up some more of that tea. It’s no problem at all. Did you check out the website (linked from the post) cause it has a store locater on it if you put in your zip code. It doesn’t work all that good though, cause it didn’t show that my Sams club had them. It’s worth a shot if you haven’t tried it though. I would think you’d be able to find it somewhere in Wichita at least! It’s so yummy..you have to find it, hehe..sorry Damon!

  • 6. Glenda  |  February 1, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    Oh, and about the Mighty Lemon Drop – it is pretty yummy..but I feel it this morning..which kinda sucks. I’m not sure my body likes the hard liquor anymore..that or maybe I’m just getting old, cause I didn’t drink THAT much, haha.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment “The Thinker!” – you could always suck on a lemon drop..and pretend. πŸ˜‰

    Chaney – if you click on the title of the drink in my post (in blue) it should bring you to the recipe if you want to try it. I made one for my neighbor, and she wasn’t into it that much, but she said she’s not a lemon person and it was a little sweet for her tastes. I like sweet drinks though, so of couse I was was in love.

  • 7. Chaney  |  February 1, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    Yeah ok…well I did the store locator for the juice. It didn’t work. I pulled up a bunch of stores that Damon and I have never heard of. We were kind of scratching our heads after that. Some of the stores it mentioned, we KNOW do not even exist in Wichita. We’ll check it out though. And thanks for the tips. I’m going to print the recipe out just as soon as I get off the laptop. YEAH!

  • 8. poody  |  February 2, 2007 at 5:03 am

    Lemon dropa are the bomb! To keep from having a hangover always drink a large glass of water with 2 advil before climbing in the bed. The reason you have a headache is the alcohol dehydrates you. The advil just makes it all better! Nice story by the way Andrew. I love that medical supplies are VIII!LOL

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