The Follow-Up

October 11, 2007 at 4:46 am 1 comment

For those of you wondering, my birthday went off well. I didn’t do a whole lot because I worked the night before, but Andrew and I did go out to eat at our favorite mexican place up here, so that was nice. I had a few glasses of wine and the conversation was great, I couldn’t have asked for much more. When we got back home, I went back to bed for a short nap before work and when I got up I had a message on my phone from my dad and he sang me Happy Birthday….not the short version either…the whole thing, hehe. He’s done it every year since we’ve been back in contact, it’s pretty funny and brought a smile to my face…even if he was being a big nerd. 😉 Thanks for the call dad.

Then today after work I checked the mail and had a card in there from my brother and sister-in-law, THANKS GUYS! It was probably there on my birthday, but I’m a reject and didn’t even think of checking that day. We don’t have a mailbox at our house, it’s at a big station at the end of our street, so it’s lucky to see me once a week. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of checking it on my way home in the mornings though…every once in a while there is something worth checking in there, lol.

I actually sat down and typed out a much better blog last night around 1 am but I got interrupted and even though I thought I saved it, when I went to retrieve it, there was no trace of my previous effort. I hate when that happens so I threw in the towel for the night. Lately I’ve had to sit back in the dorms of where I work because the rooms where the residents sleep don’t have sensors anymore due to some remodeling that’s going on. On one hand I don’t mind it because I get to sit back in the office, and I take the supervisors ethernet cord from his computer and hook up my laptop, so I have internet…which is pretty awesome.

The downfall is that I’m stuck in this chair most of the night, and I’m used to having the run of the cottage at night. I got into a routine of watching certain shows on TV and then doing all my tasks I need to get done at night during the commercials. It worked, and made my night pass pretty quickly. Now I have no TV, but with the internet I’ve actually got to watch a lot of the new shows that have been coming out. Mainly on ABC, because thier site is really good about offering full episodes online. It’s user friendly and puts out a great picture, I love it. I’ve watched “Pushing Daisy’s” and the one about Dirty Sexy Money…or something like that…both very good shows that had I not had the oppertunity to watch online I probably never would have seen. I hardly watch any TV at home anymore. I’m always either sleeping, cooking, cleaning…you name it, anything but watching TV. I don’t say this like it’s a good thing either!

Anyway, I better get off here for now. The security guy will be up here soon and that’s what happened last time, I stopped to talk to him and lost my post forever! Grrr…


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Getting Settled Finally!

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  • 1. Dwain  |  October 11, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    Glad you had a good birthday, remember you still got some stuff coming so its kind of like a long birthday, yea!!!

    Sure nice reading your blog again, it makes my day.
    Love you, Dad

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