Puppies and Coffee

October 17, 2007 at 5:50 am Leave a comment

My new coffee machine!

Delta had an awesome day…she’s THE BEST! So far we don’t even have a problem with the potty-training, she goes with the boys when they are all outside. I went to bed around 9am this morning, and then let her out at noon, and then I was back to bed at 1pm and then let her out again at around 2:45 because she was whining and had to go to the bathroom. All in all not bad!

I will be glad when she gets a bit larger. She’s so tiny and constantly weaves in and around our feet that it’s hard to not step on her. We are all on tip toes around the house, it’s hilarious.

Oh, and Andrew didn’t have a problem with her last night, she slept all night. Wheww! I was worried he’d be up all night and grumpy to me this morning. He wasn’t though, and actually said more than a few times today how damn cute she was. That’s a great sign to come from Andrew!

In other news, I also got my Senseo in the mail yesterday. I should have gotten it Friday, but somehow I missed that it was being delivered to my old address in Carthage. Luckily I caught it though and called UPS to get it sent to the right place….it just didn’t get here as quick. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE it. It’s so easy and the coffee is AWESOME. The only thing I noticed was that their version of 1 Cup isn’t really much at all, I have to hit the 2 cup button to fill a coffee cup. Maybe the 1C button is for those really tiny coffee cups. I don’t own any of those. Go big or go home!! ha. Also, it suggests to use 2 of the coffee pods for the 2 cups option, and I found that to make extremely strong coffee…..even too strong for me! So I just use 1 pod and it’s perfect. I’ve even used the same pod twice…and it’s still good. Last night it took a little over 1 min and I had a nice cup of coffee to go to work with me, it was nice. I was just thinking how nice it is for company too…you know..for that random person that wants a cup of coffee…no problemo! I am completely sold as you can tell!

* For anyone interested I’ve noticed EBAY has pretty decent prices for them. Sometimes the shipping is high, but even with that, I’ve seen you can potentially save a good $20 to $30 over retail. I should have looked over there first, but I didn’t even think about it! I paid around $70 for mine and I see identical packages on Ebay for around $45 including shipping! Not too shabby. Here’s a link to an auction right now on the system I got. I picked the “gift package” that includes a nice coffee mug to take on the go, 2 pod canisters, and 2 full packages of coffee pods. It’s a good starter set.

Anyway, I better get to work…it’s 2 am and all I’ve done so far is surf the net!

PS- The new template is to honor HALLOWEEN….can you believe it’s almost here?  Yay!


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Yeah. I did. Shhh… Sick And Tired

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