Title’s are SO overrated

November 14, 2007 at 2:57 am Leave a comment

I hate when I skip so many days without a post.  Blah.

Friday was a blast.  I got off work that morning and went home and made breakfast for the crew minus Taylor.  Andrew had a 4 day weekend…I was so jealous.  Anyway, after breakfast I fixed Audrey up and we dropped her off at daycare for a few hours while Andrew and I went to the mall and window shopped a bit for Christmas.  It was a day well spent.  We needed a little “face time” because lately our schedules have been beating our asses.  That night we hung out and played the Wii with Taylor once Audrey went to bed.  Good Times.

Saturday on the other hand was a total waste and we didn’t get much of anything accomplished.   I knew I had to be in at work that night, so I wasn’t feeling up to doing much.  I’m so tired of working 6 days a week.  The way my schedule goes it almost seems like I don’t have a day off.  So far I don’t have a weekend off till December!  We’re short people right now at work, so it’s mandatory everyone work 48 hours, and I tell myself I don’t mind this too much, and it will help with X’mas but truth be told, it’s wearing on me.

In other news, Delta is still the most awesome puppy ever.  Chief is doing a lot better with her, and isn’t taking so much shit from her.  Before she was totally dominating him and he was miserable, lately he’s been sticking up for himself and is much happier because of it.

Back to the work thing…because that’s all I ever have on my mind half the time.  Tomorrow I’m off!  How could I forget? Originally I asked off because Andrew was supposed to be out in the field all night on an exercise.  As it turns out he won’t be out there all night, just really late,  so I could have worked.  It’s approved though, so I’m taking a mid-week break!  Yay!  It will be nice.  There’s just something to be said for sleeping at night when everyone else is sleeping.

Anyway, I better go and get some work done ….and make some coffee.  I’m drifting.


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