The Results Are In!

December 9, 2007 at 1:51 am 1 comment

I would have posted about this sooner but Friday morning when I went to find out my fate, there was still no answer. The Assistant Director told me that Thursday the Director had been out for the day, so that was holding things up, but that they were going to have a meeting at 11 and were going to discuss it. So I went home and ended up going over to my friends house for most of the day waiting nervously by the phone and talking about what my other options might have been if they let me go. We talked about going into business together actually….she just got her license from the state to open a daycare, and right now it’s at her house, but before too long she would like to get an actual location..and in which case..I’m there. I could help her manage the hell out of the daycare. There’s nothing like a micro-managing mom with high expectations and high attention to detail to totally rock the socks off a childcare facility. Oh yeah.

Anyway, what I’m getting at though is that I still have a job 🙂 – She finally called about 5pm that night and kind of chewed me out about it, and told me that it was a rare situation because 99% of the time if an employee would have told them what I did, it really wouldn’t have mattered. They would have sent them where they needed them, and if that meant they quit, then so be it. That said, they told me I could continue working in the cottage and they would look for someone else for NSD, but if that didn’t work out I might be asked again. Then she went on a little bit how it was really a tough decision and a lot of management was torn about it, and I could tell that if there was a vote..she didn’t do it in my favor. She said I was a phenomenal employee, but even phenomenal employees need to be flexible and be willing to move as the agency needs them. I understand her point too, but I also believe that if I have the choice of being happy or miserable, why not take the risk and just be satisfied and happy? I know I lost a lot of brownie points and I’ve fell from their graces with my ultimatum, and on one hand I care, but mostly I don’t. What did it get me before? They were ready to screw me over and didn’t give a damn what I thought. So I can only feel so bad, because I had to look out for ME…cause they damn sure weren’t.

Operation “Stand My Ground”  was sucessful!  Yay me!

In other news, Andrew was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 2 on Friday.  It was an automatic promotion, he was just waiting for his 2 yr anniversary, but he’s still pretty damn happy about it.  In the Army a W-1 is called a “Wobbly One” because everyone knows they are still fresh out of school and not settled you get some flack about it.  Some soldiers at his job would call him “Chief” because in their eyes he’s earned it because he knows his shit, but every once in a while he’d have a smart-ass that would chime in and say that technically he wasn’t a “Chief”yet.  He is now though, and he’s definitely earned it and I’m very proud of him!

That’s about it for now.  My throat is killing me and I feel all achy…probably from staying up all day Friday and not getting any sleep.  As the day wore on I felt worse and worse.  I’m back at the grind though, and will be crashing for most of the day tomorrow trying to kick it.

Oh!  We finally got our tree up too….but more on that tomorrow, I’m going post a few pics of it and the girls. 🙂


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The Showdown I’d Like A BlueBerry Please..

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  • 1. Hilly  |  December 9, 2007 at 12:33 pm

    Well congratulations and good for you standing your ground!

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