Why didn’t I think of that?

February 11, 2008 at 12:49 am Leave a comment

So we were standing in Lowes by the section that has cables for cable and internet and I asked Andrew if there was some magical cable that would convert a phone line into a working ethernet port (hence internet @ work) I knew this was impossible but I was in the mood to humor myself. Andrew just gave me a weird look like he couldn’t believe I asked him such a dumb question. THEN about 5 minutes later, out of nowhere he asks why I don’t just take the extra wireless router we have and use it? Huh? Really? I can do that? FUCK. I CAN DO THAT? Why didn’t I think of that?

No matter. It’s thought of now!

A while back we bought a new router to replace one that we’d had for about 5 years. We were having issues with our wireless signal at home and Andrew thought for sure it was the old shitty router. Only to find out it wasn’t, and now we had 2 routers for no reason. Until now that is!

First thing I did after getting to work was to plug it into the office port downstairs and then ran upstairs to see if the signal was strong enough. You’re reading this, so apparently it worked good enough! The signal is a little low, but it hasn’t really slowed things down that much. I’m just happy that I can check my email and WRITE emails if I have some spare time. Oh! And read blogs, and check the weather, pay bills, bid on Ebay, watch TV shows…OMG the list goes on!


(PS – I’m changing my template AGAIN. Shhh. Just ignore it.)


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