Must. Get. Sleep.

April 2, 2008 at 11:56 pm 2 comments

I’m being totally stupid this week and not going to bed when I need too. So if I bitch about being tired? Yeah, it’s my own fault. Sometimes I feel I miss a lot during the day time when I’m snoozing away and the rest of the world is alive and jumping, ya know? Tomorrow I will crash early though, I only got about 3 hours today, and now I’m back for another all-nighter. It will be kicking my ass come 4am or so.

Do you know I haven’t watched a lick of TV in over a week? Well, unless you count a little bit of Noggin that was on for Audrey, but I wasn’t really watching it. No wonder I feel “removed” sometimes…when all you do is sleep & work it’s pretty easy.

Have I mentioned how nice it will be when I don’t have to work nights anymore? Yeah? Ok. Just in case you forgot 🙂

What else? Hmmm…Oh! Stickam! I’ve found this site mildly addicting and for someone like me who’s a total voyeur and loves watching people while wondering whats going on behind it’s pretty interesting. It amazes me what some people will do for a little attention. Or maybe I should say some children? The site is chalk full of 14 + wearing skimpy outfits just hanging out in a chat room listening to guys tell them how hot they are and to get up and show them their ass. Maybe this is some guys dream…but I think it’s a little sad that some girls feel that’s what they need to do to get the world to notice them. That and it reminds me to never EVER buy Taylor a web cam…never….EVER. It also reminds me to tell her dad to show more positive attention so she won’t seek it in other pimping her ass via the web! Taylor is truly a “good girl” for the most part, an honor roll student and all that, but even so, I know we come down on her hard sometimes.

It’s so damn easy to get annoyed by an 11yr old, almost 12yr old. They are forgetful, completely self centered & still have blinders on…let alone…LAZY. Well at least mine is. It’s totally normal though. I need to beat this into my head…and especially Andrews. She’s his trigger most of the time and it leads to drama I’d rather not have to listen to every damn day.

Anyway..I suppose this is enough rambling for one day….and I better get to a little of what I get paid for. Not that I don’t have ALL F*CKING NIGHT. Blah.


Entry filed under: I'm a zombie, Parenting Woes, Taylor.

R.I.P Stylin’

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  • 1. smalltownks  |  April 5, 2008 at 3:57 am

    Hope you can catch up on your sleep this weekend. With Taylor’s parents she will turn out fine. Like you said she is a good girl, just being a kid right now.

    Love you all,

  • 2. Karl  |  April 7, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    Yeah, I love the Stickam but don’t hang around on the site all that much. I pretty much just use it while I’m sitting at my computer doing computerey things.

    Get some rest!

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