Obama Who?

April 23, 2008 at 12:55 am 6 comments

I know that I am in the minority, but I’m secretly (well until now) very pleased that Hillary won Pennsylvania* and is still in the race. It’s odd to me because people that I keep in my blog circle are there because I see a lot I have in common with them, but who I support regarding the democratic election blatantly sets me apart from 99% (ok, maybe 100%) of them. Every one seems to be in love with Obama, and although I have don’t have much against him, I don’t particularly care for him either. I think he’s good at talking a little hype..but I truly am pretty cynical regarding the rest. Long ago I heard him give a speech at a stadium where Oprah was present, and the majority, if not all, of those listening where black…the thing that has resonated with me is that while he was giving that speech Obama and Oprah both sounded like they were giving a church sermon, using accents that sounded nothing like what their usual dialect is. To me this looked insincere and ingenuine to speak one way around one crowd and another way among a different crowd. Or maybe it’s just playing the game of politics, but it didn’t set right with me. That and a lot of what he says sounds like “fluff” to me. I don’t need hope, I need solutions. Also, oddly enough, Andrew is also a supporter of Hillary, an Army officer with 3 tours to the “sand box” under his belt. Talk about being an outsider; most of the military crowd he runs with seem to be republican, or support Obama…so go figure.

So, the cats out of the bag…

Go Hillary!

Hmmm… “I Stand Alone” by Godsmack is playing in my head….but whatever, I believe what I believe.

To each their own right?

* Originally  I put Philadelphia..cause it’s the town I live in and it was on my brain. That’s what I get for not proof reading and writing an entry at ungodly hours…pretend you never saw that. 😉


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  • 1. smalltownks  |  April 24, 2008 at 4:34 am

    There is not a good choice in my books this year. Just do not like Hillary or her husband, don’t trust them. Thier past is full of dead body’s that did not agree with thier ambition of years ago which was for Hillary to be the first woman president. Thier goal start way back in college where they met. But to be honest about all that are running I don’t feel any of them really care about working class american’s, which is what most of this great country of ours is made up of.

    Personally, not sure I’m even going to vote this year. I have since I was old enough too and have seen and read so much about all of it I am very discouraged about the whole thing. The powers that be, really decided who they want us to vote for, so they control both partys and everything else. Just getting to old to pretend anymore my one vote really makes a difference.

    At least that’s what I believe.

  • 2. Chaney  |  April 24, 2008 at 9:10 am

    I have to disagree with Dwain. There are millions of people that would give anything to be able to vote, have a say, and make a difference in their country. We are very fortunate to have the right and PRIVILAGE to vote. There are men and women who died to give us that right and I respect that to the utmost degree. If everyone thought that their vote didn’t count, there would be no election, therefore we wouldn’t need democracy. I for one believe that my vote DOES count and if I choose not to vote, I have no right to bitch about anything the president does or does not do during his term, because I didn’t take the time to express my opinion when it really mattered, so I should just keep my mouth shut. It’s like not helping pay for a steak dinner and then griping because your steak was undercooked. Not cool. So, even though I do agree the choices are far from desirable this election year, I WILL be exercising my right to vote you can be sure.

  • 3. visage76  |  April 24, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Chaney – All true but I can also see where a person wouldn’t want to vote if they don’t really agree with any of the candidates. It’s all rigged anyway by how much money you have, if you have the funding, you continue…if not? Bye. There are other candidates I would have loved to have seen still running but they didn’t have the same media coverage and/or money to still be in the running. Also, popular vote doesn’t even elect the president, which since I’ve learned that…it’s totally fucked with my head and really makes my vote seem largely insignificant. Gore won the popular vote…but I sure in the hell didn’t see him in office. The electoral collage elects the president ..not me…or even you. It’s frustrating.

  • 4. smalltownks  |  April 24, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    A use to agree with a lot you said Chaney. I still believe in our great country and am very thankful to the men and women who died so we can live as we do but I have follow the election for many years, even worked on one that ran independent one year. Use to say the same things you said but am older and have see the turth in what’s what and am tired of it all. No complaining here about any of it, just leave me out of it.

  • 5. Damon  |  April 24, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    What a touchy topic sis!! Here is my two cents, and realize this is coming from someone who has been working for the government for almost 10 years. Playing the politic game is the main thing in any government position. From changing your voice to what you stand for and how you will make it happen is all part of playing that game. Now I am not saying I support Obama, I really don’t think this country is ready for a black man in office. With that said I also don’t believe we are ready for a woman in there either. Then you look on the other side and do we really want a man as old as McCain. Now you have to realize that rather you think you have a say or not you only get those choices. Now if you don’t want to vote that is your choice, but like Chaney said no complaining later. Plain and simply you have to look at what you want in the options that you have. No you will not get everything you want and probably get stuff you don’t want just to get what you do want, but that is the game. Also rather you think you vote counts or not that is still out there for me. I think it just depends on how you look at it all. This could go on forever but I will stop it here and that is my two cents!! Love ya sis!!!

  • 6. visage76  |  April 25, 2008 at 12:33 am

    It is a touchy subject…but I had to put who I was supporting out there..I’m tired of hearing about Obama, no matter how great people think he is. I will vote Democratic no matter who the nomination goes to, but if and when Obama wins the election he will have to earn my full support, cause I’m just not sure he’s up to the challenge this country is facing. As far as McCain…..Lord help us all.

    Anyway…we should drop this and start leaving comments about how cute my puppy is! Much better subject!! 🙂 Love you 2

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