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I have a new addiction…and I don’t say this lightly. It’s serious! Since I bought my first 2 quilts and received them in the mail I have been OBSESSED with quilts. I search Etsy daily for new quilts sellers have added, I’ve bought 2 quilting magazines, and might even be going to a quilting class this Saturday, or possibly next! It’s offered on post and is an all day affair where you buy the supplies needed, and you come out of it with your very own quilt YOU made. I don’t know if it’s the artist in me that’s finally woke up or what, but all of a sudden I’m taking notice of fabrics and certain patterns, and can even tell you a few fabric designers by name that I LOVE. Heather Bailey is one of them…she rocks.

Anyway, I really want to learn how to make my own quilts. It’s really all I can think about. If I didn’t have a job I would be hanging out at the fabric store half the day and the other half at Border’s looking at cool quilting books, dreaming of projects I want to start.

Crazy I know, but I am totally not kidding when I say it’s all I think about. Well, that and sleep…only because I’ve been working a lot of hours. I really want to play with the fabrics and come up with my own creation…and if I’m good at it, maybe even start up many own store on Etsy so I can put some up for sale. Of course, that’s really getting ahead of myself, but it’s where my head is going. I’m truly excited and can’t wait to learn what it takes to put a quilt together. After that…who knows…once I learn how to sew, I’d love to make handbags..maybe clothes…the options are endless.

Here’s to hoping I’m good at sewing and/or like to sew. If not I will have to stick to stalking Etsy daily so I can buy other people’s creations. That could work too! Not near as fun though!


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